Hunting and Fishing Activities – Addicting Outdoor Adventures in Maine

Maine is known for its 17 million acres of forest, 711 mountains, 3500 miles of coastline, and 6000 lakes and ponds. This nature abundance makes Maine a destination for outdoor recreational activities all year round. Activities that can be enjoyed in the summer are hunting, fishing, biking, canoeing and kayaking, hiking as well as whitewater rafting, windjammer cruising and golf. Skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling are winter adventures.

Fishing in Maine

Fishing opportunities are abundant because of its many coastlines, rivers, lakes and ponds. A wide variety of species inhabit Maine’s waters. Freshwater fishes are categorized into living in cold and warm waters. Cold freshwater fishes identified are the landlocked salmon, splake, arctic charr and the trouts- brown, brook, lake and rainbow.

Warm freshwater fishes are those that prefer shallower waters. Examples are the northern pike, chain pickerel, bass- largemouth and the smallmouth along with the perch- white and yellow. The latter types of fish are easier to catch and therefore preferred by fishing beginners.

Freshwater Fishing versus Saltwater Fishing

Freshwater fishing requires a license from residents and non-Maine residents. Saltwater fishing, on the other hand, requires no license. Both types of fishing activities have set limits in the number of fishes that can be caught. Saltwater fishing is also strict with the fish size. Most common fishes in Maine’s coastal waters are the mackerel, striped bass, pollock, bluefin tuna and the pollock.

Open water fishing season usually starts in April and ends in September. However, there are some exceptions. A handbook containing details of fishing regulations and licensing fees are sold at information centers near fishing areas.

Among the most famous fishing locations in Maine are the Sebago Lake and Rangeley. Sebago Lake is the second largest in the city. Both are excellent fishing destinations in North America. Another recommended fishing location here is Belgrade in Kennebec with six island-dotted lakes. The Belgrade lakes are prominent for its notable species of bass, trout and northern pike.

Hunting in Maine

Maine’s richly forested land along with its embellished waters makes the state a main place for hunting. It is one of the most populous areas in small and big game species. The demographics of deer, bear, moose, waterfowls and birds are ranked higher than most of the other states. Hunting requires specific permits for each species, whether it is for a small or big game.

The state is strict in implementing the hunting season and the bag limit to avoid abuse of the resources. They are also particular with the type of hunting method to be used as well as the type of bait or if the hunter is accompanied with a dog. Beginners are usually required to undergo a hunting course.

Big game hunts seek bigger species like bears, deer and moose which can be found throughout the state. Bears are found near their food source such as trees and grass. The deer is located in wet areas like swamps. The moose can be hunted out of the woods. The waterfowl, birds and other small game are abundant in the Kennebec Valley and Mooseriver area.

The hunting season is mostly implemented from October to December. Sunday is considered a non-hunting day. License fees vary according to the type of residence, type of wildlife to be hunted, type of weapon to be used and the age of the hunter. They also offer a combination of hunting and fishing licenses. This type of license costs $38 for residents, $137 for non-residents and $178 for aliens.

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