The Nanticoke River – A Common Largemouth Bass Fishing Place

The Nanticoke River is undoubtedly a single of the most effective Eastern Shore Rivers for bass fishing. On weekends you will see event fisherman from many states since the river fishes “major enough” to accommodate 50-150 boat events. I have discovered breaking the river down into a few basic sections aids new fishermen right here steer clear of getting overwhelmed by the river’s sizing. These are primary river/Seaford, Broad creek and eventually Marshyhope Creek. Just about every of these locations has advantages and shortcomings for event fishermen and weekend fishermen alike.

Wide Creek

This creek is incredibly well-liked but has also quite a few “no wake” zones amongst Phillips Landing and Laurel earning it difficult to “run and gun” in tournaments. Wide Creek is extra sheltered in significant winds and generally has clearer drinking water the closer to Laurel you go.

Some of the very best fishing can be identified by markers #4 – 5 and 7 as the creek will make huge bends all the way to Bethel. Just earlier Bethel Bridge is a little pond to the right that is effortlessly accessed from the river. This is a true hotspot at situations and a confirmed fish spot through the spawn. Even more up the creek you will see tons of lay down trees and last but not least a pair of bridges and a spillway in Laurel. This space is all excellent but slow likely due to the fact of boat website traffic and obstructions in the slender channel.

Seaford and Above

The major river and Seaford spot makes jumping from place to location very easy mainly because the river is wider with incredibly several restrictions. You will have barge targeted visitors and several enjoyment boaters and the dreaded jet skis to contend with but the fishing is excellent. My favourite spots are the boat docks woodland ferry crossing, pad strains and all the fantastic modest feeder creeks. The Seaford spot has weighty marketplace with all the piling clusters for barges, bulkheads, a Railroad bridge and various great backwater locations. Concerning the railroad bridge and the Blades draw bridge there is a massive marina with great fishing in the winter and through the spawn. Over the Blades drawbridge to the remaining is an additional backwater spot primary to a dam with good fishing at periods. Moving on up river past Route 13 Bridge the river splits into two branches. Both of those of these are wonderful in summer and tumble but choose time and warning to investigate. Glimpse carefully and you will see numerous new areas with grass. When fishing the Nanticoke remember the tide changes significantly before in Sharptown and Vienna than in Seaford so choose total benefit of that “golden hour” when the bite is robust.

Marshyhope Creek

The Marshyhope fishes like a total independent river and is simple to navigate when the pads are up. In wintertime or early time many bass boats have hit the mudflats pondering they had been in the channel. This creek has normally been best for me on falling tide with the previous two several hours getting superb. Event fishermen have planted brush piles, weighted down wooden pallets and even rock piles to boost selected places. These are all simple to come across by observing your depth finder and gradually cruising pad line drops and creek mouths. There are quite a few old wooden boat wrecks on this creek that hold fish and some are seen on small tide so mark them with your GPS. Fish each and every creek mouth you can uncover on falling tides. Beaver huts are truly bass magnets on this creek and any wooden you detect out from the pad line on falling tide will maintain bass continuously. Also fish the shallow bridge pilings, docks and all rip rap you see that will help crack the recent. Going on up into the slim wooded part search carefully to your left and you will see a compact pond named “Peggy’s Hole”. This is such a good place all through the spawn it is usually put “off limits” in tournaments to stay clear of a boat race obtaining to it. The bass spawn considerably previously than most men and women realize in this pond. Transferring on to Federalsburg you will detect a sandpit on your remaining that is also a spawn region that can be quite great. In Federalsburg at the new ramp there is a modest marina that never has boats tied up in it but is a excellent fishing spot. All the rip rap shut by is fantastic also. In slide usually keep on fishing all the way up previous Federalsburg for the fish are there as the drinking water cools. Now for the draw back the Marshyhope has truly robust present, will get muddy very easily immediately after rains or from boat site visitors and is a reasonably extensive trip from Phillip’s Landing or Seaford ramps.

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